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Wonderfool Cycling Collection

Wonderfool Cycling Collection Hits the Shops and the Road. Taipei, August 15th, 2020

EdWonder and their design partners celebrate their new Wonderfool Cycling Collection with a Wonder Ride and in-store event in Taipei City.

EdWonder, the lifestyle goods brand, and its collaborative partners are thrilled to announce the debut of their head to toe 14-piece Wonderfool Cycling Collection, on Saturday, August 15 in Taipei. To celebrate the introduction of this vibrant, dynamic gear, EdWonder and Rapha are hosting a “Wonder Ride” at T, followed by in-store educational events intended to deepen your cycling experience and explore the collection. Cycling-lovers of all levels are welcome!


Wonderfool Cycling Collection

The Wonderfool Cycling Collection has every cyclist’s needs covered from head to toe–and beyond. The assemblage includes a cap, jersey, bib, mitts, socks, musette bag, saddle, eyewear, two helmets, and a bike frame. EdWonder partnered with one of five excellent cycling brands to design each item, yet the individual pieces blend seamlessly to create a cohesive, eye-pleasing, unisex collection!

Designer: Adrian Aghbal

“As we are cyclists ourselves, it was logical to design a cycling-related collection,” says Adrian Aghbal, Designer of EdWonder. “Bikes can take us to unexpected places, push us to our limits, and bring the joy and reward of success, which is all perfectly aligned with EdWonder’s spirit of Explore, Dare and Wonder.”

Wonder Cycling

Designer: Lan Peng

“This collection design embraces the wonderfool essence of cycling,” says Designer Peng. “To us, being Wonderfool is staying faithful to ideas and concepts that might seem foolish or crazy to others. Cycling can be like this. We want this collection to empower non-professional riders to get out on their bikes and discover awesome new places with a sense of wonder and just a hint of foolishness.”



EdWonder’s legendary design partners include: Factor (innovative & revolutionary racing bike from UK, Rapha (world finest cycling apparel and accessory from UK), HJC (world-class helmet for half a decade from Korea), POC (world finest performance eyewear from Sweden) and Selle Italia (world-class helmet for half a decade from Korea).

Wonder Ride

Join us on August 15th as we kickoff this collection with a 2.5 hour Wonder Ride, starting at 7am at the Rapha Clubhouse, No.228, Yanji St.,Dann Dist. in Taipai City. Afterward, return to the Clubhouse to see the full collection and learn more about the collection from EdWonder co-creatives Directors, Lan Peng and Adrian Aghbal, Factor brand team, and the Rapha sales team. The event will be finished by 12pm.

Rapha Clubhouse Taipei

While the full 14-piece collection will be available at the Rapha Clubhouse Taipei until August 29th. The entire collection will be available on our official online studio store at www.hautelab.com

Cycling Collaborators

Do you want to work with EdWonder Team for Cycling Collaboration? We love to hear from you!! Please email us at hello@hautelab.com or direct message us via EdWonder Instagram and EdWonder Facebook.